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The Healing Touch - Logo

The Healing Touch - Logo

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This one-time purchase and unique logo is ideal for therapists such as equine bodywork, equine shiatsu, equine acupuncture, massage (...) therapists.

The hand (mane) represents a soft touch with a circle of energy in its center. The centered line can be seen as energy flowing from the mind to the body.

The color brown is usually perceived as neutral and natural. Because of this, brown is thought to evoke feelings of warmth, security, and earthiness. It does a fantastic job of conveying emotions related to the natural world, as well as connoting organic, wholesome feelings in general.

This design is a draft. It will then be vectorised and will have its name changed to its future owner's brand/business.


If a logo design has caught your soul, simply send me an email at and tell me more about your project and why this specific design. Logos have important and deep meanings that are yours only. It is very important to me that the design matches your business and your soul. :) Once accepted, I will send you a small contract and the logo's product page for the full purchase.

More information on my website.

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