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Illustrated with love in Switzerland and on the road. 🇨🇭🏔️🌲


10 available stickers with approximate sizes:

• Let Love Rule (3x5cm)

• Good Things Take Time (5x5cm)

• Kuppamantam — transparent background(5x5cm)

• Moon & Sun — transparent background (7x5,2cm)

• Woman And The Horse — white background (5,8x7cm)

• Roaming Free — holographic (3x6cm)

• Cadillac Pony — pixie dust (8x3,4cm)

• Sunflower boot — prismatic (4x5,9cm)

• Uncertainty And Freedom Come Together — “mirror” sky (6x6cm)

• Take Care Of Your Mind - pixie dust (4x7,1cm) 


Printed in Switzerland and Sweden. 🌟🌍

❗️actual colors may slightly vary: due to lighting and photos, I cannot guarantee that the colors you see accurately portray the true colors of the sticker.

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